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BYOD: A Key to a Happier and Efficient Workforce

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, December 10, 2012
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Bangalore: Many business organizations are allowing their employees to use personal devices and applications of their choice. According to a study commissioned by VMware earlier this year, BYOD is a key to a happier and more efficient workforce.

The ‘New Way of Work Study 2012,’ conducted across 10 countries in Asia-Pacific, found that the growing incidence of employees bringing their personal smartphones, tablets and social media are actually making them (72 percent) more productive at the work place. This occurrence is highly prevalent in India, where 77 percent of the respondents are bringing and working on their personal device at the work place.

The survey revealed that, while a large number of employees (82 percent) in India are provided with a portable device from their employer, many (77 percent) still bring their own device to work to help them complete their tasks. Of all respondents in India, 72 percent claimed to be more productive when they worked on devices of their choice and 70 percent claimed to be happier in their role when they were allowed to use a device of their choice. And, 66 percent say they find work less stressful when they have a choice of what IT tools they use.

Although respondents indicate that being able to use their own portable devices may help them do their work better, they report that their work environments are restricting their ability to do so. The research revealed that 47 percent of Indian workers felt their organizations’ current IT policies on using personal devices actually lowered their potential work efficiency.

“With the growth of the smartphone and tablet market, the study indicates that corporate India may be seeing growth in the preference of employees for bring your own device (BYOD) practices,” said T Srinivasan, Managing Director, VMware India & SAARC. “The research results suggest that organizations may need to keep an open mind to allow for the change in the way their people want to work in the Post-PC era.”

“With the consumerization of IT, the mobile worker is today evolving to a virtual worker for whom location and device are becoming less relevant. As these virtual workers define the IT culture at the workplace, technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing services, and security can help companies adapt,” he added.

India’s desire to use personal mobile devices at work is driven by the need to be mobile (47 percent) and to be more connected (39 percent). These were the leading choices from a list of 10 that respondents selected from. The research also showed that most respondents appreciate the elevated effectiveness of producing desired outcome (72 percent) and boosted efficiency (66 percent), thus citing better job satisfaction (70 percent).

There is a high incidence of employees in India bringing their personal smartphones (78 percent) to the workplace, followed by laptops (53 percent) and tablets (17 percent). The research shows that a considerably high number of respondents are actually working outside the office – 79 percent are working from home and 53 percent on the road – considerably higher than the average across the region.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Surabhi Mathur Gandhi, Senior Vice President (IT Sourcing), TeamLease said, “The VMware New Way of Work Study clearly demonstrates that the world of corporate IT is changing. Re-orienting the work culture and infrastructure policies will strengthen productivity, while providing additional flexibility to the workforce. Employees today want to work at companies that can provide high-end technology to support the dynamic work expectations of the current workplace demands.”

When considering potential employers, 70 percent of respondents believe the ones who offer technological freedom are more progressive, dynamic, and desirable to work for.

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