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8 Ways to Help an HR Increase his Influence

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, September 25, 2012
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Bangalore: If we look at many business organizations, the Human Resource function is still viewed as an administrative supporting unit.  Although HR executives have vast experience and knowledge in human capital building, they lack knowledge regarding funds and projects.

As HR managers lack strategic influence, they are not included in key financial and operational discussions. By actively utilizing the main organizational systems, HR’s can enhance their influence and gradually develop a competence based organization.

Here are few ways an HR can increase his/her influence as mentioned by Rod Hewlett in and Eirik Haslestad in

1.    HR’s must take their role as strategists in the development of the organization. They can also contribute in strategic projects to ensure strategy realization.
2.    Assist executives and managers throughout the organization to become better leaders and also make HR an attractive career choice.
3.    HR’s have to convey a consistent message across the organization and ensure that they are competent and relevant.
4.    Ensure an efficient flow of resources by delivering efficient services and constantly working on process improvements to reduce costs.
5.    HR’s should understand the factors that need equal consideration in company decisions. These factors include value creation, ROI, key performance indicators (KPI), capital investment and cash flow, capitals (structural, financial, social, and intellectual).
6.    They should explain how the development of human capital can contribute to the company’s growth. It should also address how human capital will fit with the company’s policies and other capitals such as structural, financial, social and intellectual.
7.    HR’s should be able to explain how cost versus value will impact human capital in areas like recruitment, training and morale.
8.    They should also address the emerging problems and challenges in the company apart from collaborating with fellow executives and managers to overcome the challenges.

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