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8 Tips to Increase Employee Morale

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 29, 2012
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Bangalore: Employees are the backbone of an organization. In order to increase their productivity they should be appreciated for their good work. This will not only motivate them to work harder but also make the work environment within your organization healthy.

Lea Hartog on cited some tips to increase your employees’ productivity as well as their morale.

1. Offering tea or coffee- Morning is the best time to work since the mind is fresh. A cup of coffee or tea will add an advantage as it will not only keep them awake but also keep them active throughout the day.

2. Celebrate birthday or any personal success- Wish the employee personally because most of them appreciate it when their seniors wish them. Some companies offer paid leave on such occasions which makes the employee a valued part of the organization.

 3. Establish employee-recognition programs- Every employee wants their superiors/ management to be aware of their hard work and appreciate them for the same. Certification and recognition programs should be organized in an organization as this will help in increasing their productivity.

4. Give a surprise treat- Take them out for a lunch or treat them to keep their spirits high. This will help them enjoy with their colleagues leaving the work tension aside and that too without worrying for the bill payment.

5. Hold meetings- Meetings and discussions with an individual worker or with a group several times a year regarding the problems they faced, will enable them to concentrate on their work. The employee should be ensured that whenever there’s a problem he / she can discuss it with the employer.

6. Train them- Let your employees know whenever there is any upcoming new technology in the market. Train them on that particular field so that they remain up to date with their competitors.

7. Reward them- To appreciate the outstanding performance of an employee, a manager can award him/ her with a trophy or financial bonuses.

8. Conducting surveys- Employee satisfaction surveys will help the organization know if their employees are satisfied or unhappy with their work. Surveys can also provide insights on to what needs to be done to keep their employees satisfied.

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