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7 Steps to Welcome a New Employee to Your Organization

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 21, 2013   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: Are you going to welcome a new employee in your organization today? Do you think every time a new joinee is there, you take the appropriate steps to integrate them and introduce them to other employees? Different organizations may be taking different initiatives for introduction, but there are some necessary steps which can be applied by every HR in their company. Since, he / she is going to work for you, for the rest of the time you need to make sure that the introduction is positive and powerful.

Susan Heathfield who is a Human Resources expert wrote an article on about the various steps on how to welcome an employee. According to her, although this process consumes little time, it will be fruitful in the future. Some of the steps are-

1. Develop a plan of 90-120 days within which the employee can understand the company, its work, its customers and the day to day culture of the office.

2. You should always make sure he / she gets all the necessary things like business cards, identification and access cards, email id and systems access, information on payroll etc.

3. Allot an employee who can give guidance to the new employee in various common tasks such as logging in.

4. You can also arrange lunch so that the new employee gets an informal introduction with all his team mates as cited on

5. Most importantly, introduce the new employee to the important people in the company and help them to build these relationships.

6. Announce to the other employees beforehand and tell them about the new employee so that the co-workers are interested in meeting him / her.

7. As an HR, you should always make yourself available to the new joinee so that their doubts get cleared and you ought to pay attention to their work as soon as possible.

Giving a warm welcome to the new employees not only gives them the space to develop relations quickly, but also helps them to cope up with the organization cultures.

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