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5 Tips to Solve Talent Management Issues faced by HR

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, January 25, 2013   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: In the coming years, HR industry is going to face the challenge of talent management. Most of the issues which the HRs will face are similar to those faced in the previous years. However, if you look properly at the list of issues, you will find that Talent management is one such topic which is what most HRs are concerned about.

An article on states some of the suggestions given by experts on how to solve the talent management issues faced by the human resources department.

1. Skilled employees: In every organization, the need for knowledgeable employees will always remain. According to Patrick Wright, professor of business management at the University of South Carolina's Darla Moore School of Business, the best way for an HR to maintain knowledge in the organization is by connecting with employees from different generations. One method can be, whenever a skilled employee is retiring, you can ask them to continue to be a part of the organization by contributing through part-time jobs.
2. Change of jobs: In this year, companies are going to be quicker and faster in terms of technology. They will be needing contract workers, part-time workers or outsourcing to look after other jobs. Rather than selecting one candidate to look after several tasks, you can take the help of multiple websites which are available to writers and application creators.

3. Retain the top talents: For a successful business in the long run, you need to pick out your talented employees and try to retain them in the organization. In this competitive world and with the high demand for talented employees, it's very difficult to find skilled employees for a particular job post.

Lonnie Giamela, a partner in the Los Angeles and Irvine, Calif, offices of Fisher & Phillips said that, “Employers need to identify key employees from entry-level to upper-level management and take the appropriate steps that are unique to their businesses to retain these individuals”.

4. Flexible job option: Some organizations are accommodating work from home and flexible timing for the employees, to keep them happy and motivated. Many employees may like to take up two jobs at a time.  For them, flexi time will help in dividing time between both their jobs.

5. Gen Y shifts: You are going to experience new challenges if your leader happens to belong to Gen X or Gen Y. It's very hard to retain them because these millennial employees are less concerned about sustaining for a long period in the same company. They just see what organizations can do for them.

Being an HR of a company, you can apply different tactics and methods to retain the top employees and take the business to a different level.

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