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5 Tips to Build a Good HR Department

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, January 2, 2013
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Bangalore: People often talk about how badly an HR department is performing. People have also given suggestions on how to improve an HR department and make it appropriate. Laurie Ruettimann, seasoned HR expert gave some tips on about how to make your HR department more meaningful.

1. Protected rights- Every company has some rights. It can be safety, harassment, security etc. If any of the rights are not followed, the employees can easily step out. As an HR, here your role is to see that it is strictly applicable to everyone and take action if anyone is found going against it.

2. Payroll-Payment is what everyone is working for. If people don’t get that in time, then a very bad impact can be expected by your company. So, always make sure that your employees get paid on the mentioned payment date and if any emergency situation occurs, then inform them at the earliest regarding any delays.

3. Employee management- Employees are also human beings. Make sure that besides food and paycheck, they also receive rewards and recognitions to get motivated at work. Let them work in a peaceful environment and try to organize some recreational programs.

4. Accountability- A good HR department will always try to balance compliance and accountability. Try to support the decision of the management if they want to take a risk with personal or financial solvency. However, in bad situations, you need to know who is to be held accountable.

5. Be fair with your job- Always make sure that your employees are working ethically.  As there are many employees who just want to pass the time or apply unfair methods in their work field to get the job done, the HR needs to keep an eye on such workers.

This will not only bring a good name to the company but will also create a lasting impression with the C- Suite.

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