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2. ICICI Bank ICICI Bank is one of the most preferred financiers for car loans in the country. Probably, car loans from this bank are extremely convenient, flexible and quick. The minim... more>>
Mumbai : In its biggest drop in over two months, the benchmark Sensex plunged by 406.08 points on heaving selling triggered by fresh fears that U.S. Fed would begin tapering its economic stimulu... more>>
Bangalore: Employees are ever ready to welcome the idea of BYOD in their organization. It’s true that employees enjoy working on their own devices in the organization but do you think it i... more>>
Bangalore: When you hire a new employee in your organization from the first day itself you should start having high hopes from him / her. You want the employee to work hard using all his abiliti... more>>
Bangalore: Every organization would like to complete a job at a minimal cost saving the company’s money. And most importantly when it comes to recruiting someone for a job opening they sho... more>>
Bangalore: Almost all companies have certain techniques to keep their employees motivated at work. Being an HR, you know the truth regarding the organization. How many companies are giving HR pr... more>>
Bangalore: Every company either small, big or a startup needs to enforce human resource laws and policies to secure their employees. So, does this mean the organization shoul... more>>
Bangalore: Hiring the best candidate is becoming a challenge for many of the recruiters. You would need to place an advertisement, sort out resumes, conduct interviews and th... more>>
Mumbai: Edenred- The International leader and India’s foremost organization in work-life benefits, rewards and loyalty solutions, in partnership with Great Place To Wor... more>>
Bangalore:  We all know that the hunt for top talent in organizations is getting very rough. The intention to recruit the best candidate in the industry is taking a competitive turn which is affecting the performance and productivity of an organization in a bad way. Companies ar... more>>
Bangalore: It is seen that, although almost every company has got HR metrics to be implemented, but only a few were successful. So, what do you think why the other companies failed in executing ... more>>
Bangalore: As a hirer you might unknowingly make some mistakes and these can lead to problems which can affect the organization.  An infographic by Resoomay and designed by Sharngar Tracts.... more>>
Bangalore: An enjoyable workplace is hard to find as everyone in the organization is busy with their assigned work. It is commonly seen that such employees are always found to be in a frustrated... more>>
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