Regalos India: Offering Customized Promotional Products With In-Depth Personalization And Flexibility

Nanda Kumar R,Founder & CEO

Nanda Kumar R

Founder & CEO

To help cultivate stronger mutually beneficial relationships, most corporations, irrespective of their size have been offering their employees and clients with various gift products so as to create a personal connection, grow the brand's image and also make memorable and authentic events and programs. With this, the corporate gifting market has been witnessing quite a growth in India. The increasing marketing activities by various brands coupled with personalization and customization in gift products has been also driving the market's growth bandwagon today. However, the market is still plagued with many un-organized vendors which lack advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to allow seamless planning, producing, and delivering finished products in an efficient, time bound, and quality-driven manner.

Speaking of which, one start-up who has been bridging the gap between the market's demand and a robust deliverability of gift products is Bangalore based Regalos established in 2015. The company comes with a homestead of unique corporate gift and promotional gift collections to help its clients to build long-lasting impressions with their set of corporate clients, channel partners and colleagues. They go beyond just selling products by deeply understanding the goals and carefully planning promotional programs, considering the audience, budget, and the ultimate result that clients are actually looking for. Hence, they have been adding creativity, innovation and imagination to their clients overall program to achieve the desired goals. Because of their credibility, Regalos is considered as a part of their clients' creative team, and have even included them in marketing meetings.

Offering more than sales acceleration
"We go beyond just selling products, by not limiting ourselves to only promotional campaigns. We take extra effort in understanding our clients' requirements, their budget and the end-objective," highlights Nanda Kumar R, Founder and CEO of Regalos India. "We also have a huge product range with over 40,000+ innovative products, 250+ vendors, 600+ brand associations, so as to provide robust quality products to our niche clients. Also, another thing that we strictly focus on, is personalisation to offer tailor made products, for instance, painting, engraving, laser, logo personalization, among others," he adds.

Today, one of the major pain-point is that either the manufacturer expects large volumes which companies cannot fulfil, or it will be the other way around. Hence, looking
at this situation, Regalos comes with the needed flexibility to work according to the needs of the companies, which is irrespective of the quantity or the volume. They take orders as few as two pieces to about 4 to 5 lakh pieces. The company's major USP has been their `outside the box' thinking which allows them to provide unique corporate gifts. At Regalos you'll find the perfect items for business and employee recognition that will clearly communicate your appreciation. Moreover, Regalos is not only limited to corporate space, but also delivers products to educational institutions as well. The company has been offering products such as uniforms, and other necessary items, which are essential for educational institutions.

Building Long Lasting Impressions
They present a unique corporate gift and promotional gift collection to help clients build long-lasting impressions with their respective clients, channel partners and colleagues. They have been successfully supplying a wide variety of promotional items, from inexpensive corporate executive gifts such as table top clocks, to more expensive options such as electronic gadgets and apparel. They also offer a wide variety of engraved corporate gift sets for all occasions including birthday gifts, trade shows gifts, festival gifts, anniversary gifts, staff parties and picnics, among others.

Furthermore, Regalos has been catering to clients from a vast array of industries such as IT companies, hotels & resorts, pharmaceutical companies, SMEs, cement companies, automobile companies, educational institutions, travel and tourism, to name a few.To highlight the proficiency/expertise of Regalos, they had once supplied 90 thousand bags to one of the clients in just 45 days time-frame across 53 locations in the country where some of the locations were so remote, that only Indian Post could reach these places.

Regalos is involved in helping students, the future of India, align their personality to appropriate careers they are naturally passionate about

Committed To The Highest Standards Of Integrity
"We are strongly driven by our values and culture in our organization. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and business ethics, both in its operations that provide goods and services to all of our clients and partners. We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers. We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance, and have been exhibiting a strong will to shine in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business", says Nanda Kumar R.

Offering Products To Fight Covid-19
As COVID-driven pandemic has made a paradigm shift, Regalos has been seamlessly surfing this tide to deliver products which befit the current situation. As WFH is becoming new normal, Regalos has developed tables called `mini-offices' which are cost effective, convenient, and gives an ambience of professionalism.

"As we are always up to date with the changing trends, we have closed more deals in the lockdown period. We have made COVID essential kits with safety as the priority. This offering includes innovative products such as sanitisers, pens integrated with sanitiser spray, stands which can be kept at various touch points, PPE Kits, masks, gloves etc.," highlights Nanda Kumar R.

Regalos has been enlarging its geographical boundaries and is planning to reach out into international space. "We are shortly opening our branch offices in Dubai and Singapore as we have a lot of international enquiring and orders, which we are working on currently across countries including the US, UK, Dubai and other Middle East countries," concludes Nanda Kumar R.

Also, as part of social commitment, Regalos is involved in helping students, the future of India, align their personality to appropriate careers they are naturally passionate about. Besides a host of other offerings, such as behavioural coaching and professional counselling.