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Todays Working Scenario
What is lacking and what does he/she need to keep in mind in today’s working scenario?
Asked by Avinash Bhatt | Feb 17 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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In my opinion today's working scenario totally depends on youngsters.

The youth blood can deal with circumstances in a superior manner and handle situations in a better way. As per the most recent studies, youngsters are the ones who are aware of latest things, about which the old people may not be aware of. The old saying, “slow and steady wins the race,” has been replaced by, “fast and competent wins the race.”

The new generation has many fine ideas of completing a task and has better leadership qualities, which many people don’t have. It is they who can take us out of the fix.
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I think employee's nature is most important thing. If he/she is understanding & flexible then they must be very beneficial for the organization.
Feb 23 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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Dedication towards work and culture is present day need of each and every employee. Every employee must keep in mind the organizational culture, attitude and strive hard for the development and promotion of the work environment to have a systematic work culture and to create a healthy atmosphere in the work place not only to strengthen the hands of the Management but also towards the better future of the workers.
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The nature of employees is changing with great frequency,At the same time their Engagement with different kind of workplaces and their worldviews will also change accordingly. But according to me in the next 5 years the generation that will enter the workforce – that will be most different of all – as they will be the social media generation – with a culture of transparency, openness and sharing which will create an upheaval in the workplace
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