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Knowledge management effectiveness as a mediator
How Knowledge management act as a mediator effectively between HRM Practices and Organizational Innovation?
Asked by Sudhir Jasti | Nov 10 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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Knowledge Management is a basic factor for organizational innovation. Knowledge Management creates effectiveness in the field of organizational development in all aspects and extends support for innovative ideas and promotional elements for better improvement in the organizational activities. Without Knowledge Management, the success in Organizational innovation cannot be thought of.
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Knowledge Management joins the missing link between HRM practices and organization outcomes, For obtaining, growing and sustaining intellectual capital in organizations Knowledge management is recognized as the fundamental activity. Knowledge management is not only served as predecessor to organizational innovation, but also an intervening mechanism between organizational outcomes and organizational factors.
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It is important to view knowledge management effectively since HRM practices are assumed to be a managerial process that allows firms to manage effectively so as to improve the organizational innovation.
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