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Engaging Gen Y Leadership
How effective it works in Changing economy
Asked by Yogesh Prasad | May 18 2014 | Report this Report abuse
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I think gen Y wants the 4 Cs - character, communication, cooperation, and competence. They are primarily concerned with social connection, being entertained, having fun, and being presented with life-enhancing experiences. Their perfect mentor is somebody who values the exchange of ideas and creates an environment of transparency and respect for the team. They want a coach who is willing to listen to their ideas and opinions, and is happy to oblige with public displays of affirmation and positive reinforcement. And finally, 'Gen Y' wants someone who is experienced, friendly and who will take the time to get to know them.
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It is quickly taking over the world, and keeping them engaged and productive is top of mind for HR practitioners. That’s one of the prevailing opinions I heard often at this year’s.
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The Workplace Innovation pairs 'Gen Y' employees with their manager and provides support to accelerate business priorities, focusing on leveraging powerful conversations, personal networks and new technologies.
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