People Analytics is the Show Stopper in HR Domain

Chitra Mishra, Special EditorIn an age of digital disruption, technology is transforming every aspect of the organisation including employee recruitment and managing the 21st-century workforce. This has marked a greater shift in HRtech trends as well. The HR professionals no longer have to be bogged down by manual processes or overwhelming amounts of data. With a shift towards HRtech, the HR department is now more nimble through technology and has greater freedom to make a significant impact on corporate culture.

This year is flooded with the people analytics technology software in the HR domain. This is one of the most significant of HRtech trends observed by the industry pundits. The HR department's job is significantly more than just recruiting the right people with the required skillset. The HR division of a company must ensure that those it recruits are
motivated to work and remain with their new organizations for the expected duration if not longer.

This is why a growing number of companies are using people analytics software in HR to recruit talent. Globally, approximately 71 percent of organizations believe that people analytics technology is a high priority of which 31 percent said it was very important to their organization.

HRtech softwares powered by algorithms is more effective at screening candidates than human beings are. This has been demonstrated by McKinsey's People Analytics Team. People analytics software is being adopted by HR departments because it removes unconscious bias that may distort a recruitment process. Software powered by algorithms assesses every applicant as objectively and fairly as possible making it impossible for unconscious bias to distort the recruitment process.

Candidates are now required to play games to clear their screening. An algorithm then filters the candidates with the human quotient more gullible for the job. The potential of people analytics software in HRtech is nearly endless and in the future, it will be used to generate deeper insights about prospective candidates, existing employees and employee retention, as shown by the future HRtech trends. Yet technologies role in HR isn't restricted to people analytics software, far from it. Technology is allowing people to enjoy a permanent vacation while working full-time. In this edition, there are quite a few who focus on this and many more strategies to make recruitment easier.

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