KYE- Know Your Employee !

Misplaced hires continue to plague the talent acquisition services in India quite adversely. It has been seen that bad hires tend to bleed the company by costing it five times the annual salary given to them. Resume falsification is another problem that is rampant in India.

Increasing competition, along with the availability of ample job information on the various job portals has resulted in a desire to move to well paid jobs among the youth. This makes them resort to tactics such as resume buffing, exaggerating accomplishments, falsification of information etc. and that is a fundamental reason why companies in India are suffering from bad hires. While background screening has always been a fairly common practice in India, it is growing in popularity as the country experiences an increase in CV fraud, which occurs when job applicants misrepresent themselves in cover letters and resumes.

Most companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits and advantages associated with conducting a background check in India for their potential candidates. Background verification is everywhere, from hiring to banking, to apartment rental applications. Because of the high amount of risk in hiring in India, employers should seriously consider implementing a background screening program in order to decrease the risk of human resources fraud. A solid background screening program will credentials for full-time, part-time, and temporary workers. Companies in India must familiarize themselves with the legal and cultural nuances prior to launching a program.

This edition presents a good list of service providers that can suit your business' needs to ensure the right employee at the right desk, doing the right job.

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