Wantasanta: Bringing The Magic Of Santa Into Reality

Christmas is the favourite time of the year for many across the world, and India is no exception to it. No matter what background people are from, every individual soaks up the magical atmosphere of Christmas, becoming a part of this joyful festival.

Christmas is the only festival that is explicitly enjoyed by children. Children at ayoung age are fascinated by the stories, the rituals, the magic, and the fun associated with Christmas. They dream of dancing with the elves, listening to the magical tales narrated by Mrs. Claus herself, and meeting the legendary Santa. But their dreams are soon shattered upon seeing a person dressed in shoddy red clothes with a creepy white beard pretending to be Santa hanging around in malls, parking lots, and even their own apartments. Children begin to question the legendary tales.

This is where Wantasanta marks its presence bringing the magic alive. Wantasanta is the creator of magical Christmas experiences with an authentic-feel Santa Claus and elves in your lives, in full glory, laden with gifts, chocolates, and goodies in cheerful settings to delight children, family, and friends capturing its festive spirit to the fullest extent.

Our mission is to create & deliver an immersive experience bringing alive the Magic of Christmas & going beyond is the first online platform offering an array of Christmas experiences across India.

No matter if you are a parent wanting to surprise your child with a visit & gift from Santa, or you are a host of a fun-filled party, or you are a brand wanting to delight your customers with joyous activities, WantASanta has a range of varied attractive options crafted with the highest degree of professionalism and blended with a personal touch to bring alive the magic.

“Our mission is to give the reallife experience of Christmas and bring the dreams of the kids to meet the real Santa come true”, states Aashil Modi, Managing Director of Wantasanta.

Wantasanta ensures that kids get a fulfilling Christmas experience. As a part of the extended services, Wantasanta sends a Santa along with elves to people's homes to surprise kids.

What Makes the Experience Authentic and Magical?
From getting the Santa Costume right, with plush Red Fur Santa Suits and the white wavy beards, to the trained professionals playing Santas, Wantasanta goes to great lengths to ensure the experience is magical and authentic. The real booming ho hoho, and an ever generous Santa, along with the playful jolly elves, brings delight and joy to children and their families. The Exquisite ambiance & setting teleports children to a magical land. No detail is over looked nor is any compromise made the WantASanta experience is embellished with Gifts, Chocolates, a Certificate of Nice Child, and The North Pole Passport, completing the magical festival and bringing families closer to the spirit of giving and gifting.

Wantasanta's experiences are divided into two parts:
The retail experiences could be availed by individual families to surprise their kids or loved ones through a visit by Santa and his party of elves, and the institutional part where Wantasanta curates a bespoke Christmas Experience for organizations and brands. This includes Magical Setups, performances, acts, Christmas parades, and brand integrations to create a wholesome experience.

Under institutional experiences, brands can bring the Magic of the North Pole alive with Santa and his entire family in magical settings. Santa meets & greets children and even gets clicked in his specially created setups.

Not only children but people at the workplace can also experience the magic of Christmas with loads of laughter and even a few tears of joy when Wantasanta brings the full entourage of Santa, along with Mrs. Claus, Elves, Reindeer, and snowman, to the party.

Christmas is for everyone, and the spirit of gifting and giving is firmly embodied in WantASanta's culture. WantASanta collaborates with various NGOs, corporate organizations, and individuals to bring joy and happiness to the less fortunate strata of society. The same Experiences and thoughtfully curated goodies fill the environment with delight and positive vibes.

Delivering the Magical Experience
Wantasanta currently caters to its services in various cities, including Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chandigarh, amongst other metropolitan and major cities.

One of the key differentiating aspects of the company is that unlike most event companies that are more interested in quick production, turnaround, and getting off, WantASanta believes in creating and delivering immersive experiences.

Wantasanta has partnered with Hamleys India(Reliance Brands) and RISE World Wide (Reliance Initiative for Sports and Entertainment)to create such immersive experiences across India.

The company has started off with Christmas, but it is slowly expanding. This year,they will also be doing immersive experiences for Halloween in partnership with Hamleys. In the future, the company will slowly and gradually develop such experiences, enhance gifting, and partner with more brands.