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Talent Mappers Consulting Private Limited

Talent Mappers Consulting Private Limited

Talent Mappers Consulting Private Limited is one of the fastest growing organizations in Human Resource Consultancy and e-Recruitment Solutions domain. Founded in 2006, the Company has business verticals across recruitment and staffing fulfillments, Recruitment Management Software solutions, E-learning Services and IT Outsourced Services. Headquartered at Bangalore, the company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and now extending its footprint at a global level.

The Company has Recruitment Software tailor-made to meet the requirements of Corporate & Consulting Organizations. The TalentRecruit™ - Recruitment Software, available on both windows app and web based platform; provide a fast, reliable and intuitive platform, with unmatched features for recruiters. Our software ensures corporate to produce tomorrow’s leaders by enabling them to recruit best talent and position them into best fit roles, by helping them to achieve 

1. Top Quality Candidates
2. Increased Volume of Candidates
3. Lower cost of recruitment
4. Lower time to hire
5. Enhanced Market Outreach
6. Employer’s Branding

Why Us?
We strongly believe in our values which are E.S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Excellency, Suitability, Proficiency, Ethics, Customer centric, Innovation, Authenticity and Loyalty form our core values.

Features of TalentRecruit™:
Our CEO, Ms. Shalini Gupta, having spoken to numerous HR Heads in several industries finally actualized the pain points of HR people during recruitment and hence provided tremendous insights in developing the recruitment software. The company’s experience in executive search and its global operations, helped tremendously in developing this world class product. Our recruitment software does A to Z for our customers. Some of the highlighted features are:

Resume Management& iNtelliSearch™: - Collects resumes from Email, parses resumes, provides powerful search engine for resume filtering- search database through iNtelliSearchTM, automatic suggestion engine, removes resumes duplicity, accepts resumes in various formats.

Social Recruitment & Candidate engagement: - SocialRecruit improves your market reach by allowing job posting on social networking sites and also facilitating referrals and application be made through social networking sites. 

Applicant Tracking System: - Tracks candidate progression at each level, maintaining candidate history, status, source of profile. Checks for duplication and pending profiles’ ensuring no redundancy.

Manpower Hiring Budget and Forecasting: - Helps you manage budgeted & non-budgeted requirements, forecast the HR needs of different departments & plan your recruitment consistent with the corporate goals.

Recruitment Analytics: - Provides real time reports and statistics to analyse and compare performance of HR managers, departments, vendors, resume sources, candidate selection and joining trends, actual vs. budgeted hiring, recent recruitment activity, etc..Also provides ageing analysis to analyze time elapsed between recruitment transactions.

Automated Workflow Wizard: - streamlines your recruitment process from planning manpower hiring budget to candidate On-boarding by integrating HR personnel, hiring needs of Functional Departments, your own and 3rd party career portals, candidates, and vendors/ external consultants.

Communication Central: - Integrates with Outlook express, provides discussion forum for candidates, poll management users and a common platform for internal communication among employees.

Job Portal Management: - Integrates with your own career site and external job portals efficiently. Portal Management system optimizes the available external job portal resource and reduces cost of additional logins.

Referral Management: - Provides your vendors a gateway to your career site allowing them not only to view the requirements assigned but also to refer candidates, facilitates employee referral also.

Effective Candidate Evaluation: - Facilitates effective candidates screening by providing customizable evaluation sheets that support formats such as multiple fields, yes or no, descriptive answers.

We constantly innovate and upgrade our solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. Our offerings and services are unparalleled in the industry and provide quickest ROI. Partner with us and improve the efficiency in your recruitment process multifold. Come and visit, or write to us at