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SL Consultants

"Assisting companies set new standards of excellence..."

Mr. Lalit Khanna
SL Consultants

What made you get into Business Consultancy field?

Business consultancy is a buzzword in the industry today; consultants help companies achieve excellence in their industry segments, facilitating them to survive among the fittest and sustain their growth. SL Consultants recognised this need of clients, offering services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with an annual turnover of Rs 100cr to 2000cr. SL Consultants is empanelled with UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Ltd., a Govt. of India company and Fitch credit rating company

What is your company objective?

“Our objective is to help our clients set new standards of excellence in their respective orbs. We, as a one-stop shop, have helped companies across myriad industry segments implement high-impact strategies swiftly and effectively to improve productivity. We help our clients invigorate their teams to sustain success and create value.

As the head of a consultant company you would constantly interact with several CEO/ MD/ Chairman of other companies. What do you think is their biggest challenge/ pain point which you are trying to address?

The challenges that companies, irrespective of the industry turf commonly face are a blend of low profit margin, employee retention, nonsatisfaction of customers, low productivity per employee, beating competition, market expansion, industry knowledge, research, channel management, sluggish marketing plan, IT solutions (ERP), and related paraphernalia. SL Consultants focuses on all of these parameters and accordingly devises solutions for each client. According to a market survey, 73 percent of the top firms are family controlled and 94 percent of these family business declines by the 3rd generation. SL Consultants also helps family owned businesses sustain growth for the long run. We have plans of opening branch offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

What are the key services you offer to your clients?

We first understand our client, their market, their operational dynamics, their weak points and challenges, and consequently create strategies for implementation.
Services Offered:
• HR systems management: Re-engineering of human resource process, enabling high number of ‘engaged’ employees who are dedicated, productive, satisfied, and give their 100 percent.
• Internal Systems and Process Management facilitating perfect coordination within the different departments, thereby clarifying job role and accountability to boost ‘per employee’ productivity, reduce wastage or over lapping.
• Developing of business strategies facilitating the next level of performance; SL specializes in dealer/distributor productivity management, market expansion, new product launch, marketing strategy, and market research.
• Internal & market audit (Mystery shopping) through third party surprise audits for internal systems, thus bringing out facts in front of the management.
• Developing comprehensive integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system tailor made for company’s processes and systems; modules support production, procurement, logistics, financial accounting, HR& payroll.

How do you operate? How do you know the clients are happy with your services? If you can name a few key clients.

“We take around 8-9 projects annually. We do not believe in inflating balance sheets of our clients in the short term. We strive to rise above our clients’ expectations, not just meet them. Every day is a better day for us. Our client testimonials speak about the credibility and the kind of work we do. We have clients from all sectors, from publicly owned companies to small businesses to large manufacturers. Services are customized to suit individual client requirements. All our clients are important; still to name few - Indag Rubber Akums Drugs, Lancer Shoes, ICL Limited, Virgo Laminates, Window Magic, and the list goes on.