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Vasu K Saksena

Vasu K Saksena, CEO at MeritTrac is an Engineer from IIT Delhi and MBA from Faculty of Management Studies – Delhi, is a seasoned Senior Executive with outstanding leadership expertise as a Profit Centre Head. With a focus on management through Team Building, Technology Up gradation, MIS, Finance, and Statutory Compliances, he has been able to keep a sharp focus on the Top and Bottom Line requirements.

As a CEO you would constantly interact with several HRs. What do you think is their biggest challenge/ pain point which you are trying to address?

The biggest concerns for HR Managers is recruiting and managing talent. From inception, MeritTrac has focused on developing assessments based on scientific norms for selecting the right candidates and managing their talent. The need to assess a large number of candidates, very varied in competence and demographics is undisputed and our expertise is in building and delivering these assessments.

Can you briefly describe the vision of your organization behind your product / solution and differentiating themes?

We have specialized in Design, Development and Delivery of assessments for Corporate and Government Organizations that help take hiring and progression decisions. Our assessment capability coupled with ability to develop tests in over 300 domain areas is making us a compelling partner for growth. Our simulation based assessments are enabling corporate hire candidates based on their ability to perform specific tasks – management, programming, accounting etc. SpeechTrac is a successful technology based spoken English assessment framework for non-native English speakers helping voice based BPOs make intelligent hiring and training decisions. CampusNxt is conceptualized as a solution that will meet HR requirements of large scale recruitment from campuses where candidates are recruited for identified roles.

Who will buy your product/service - i.e. your customers?

Corporate and Public Sector organizations recruiting in large numbers are in need of our service. We see interest from IT, ITES, Manufacturing, Automobile, Banking, Pharmacy, Insurance, Retail companies. Government departments and PSUs are also using our services.

What is your customer value proposition? (Demonstrate how your product/service addresses an identified “pain point” or new business opportunity for your customers.)

The biggest advantage MeritTrac brings is its experience that enables it to understand the talent landscape and corporate needs and expectations. Our ability to Design and Develop tests are sharply focused to assess the specifics skills maintaining essentials viz. Reliability & validity. As a result, recruits have greater quality, fitment, and higher productivity and hence this expertise has been widely appreciated by corporates. The number of customers MeritTrac has been retained by is testimony to this fact.
We have a strong delivery engine that allows corporates to reach out to talent pool across the country – which is a requirement for most organizations. From inception technology and innovation has been in our DNA. This has helped us introduce numerous new path-breaking solutions for the industry like CampusNxt, SpeechTrac, Performance Based Tests, proven Personality tests etc. All these have helped the discerning customer address its evolving hiring needs.

Can you give 1-2 examples of how your product/solution has benefited your customers?

Last year, a leading product MNC wanted to hire large number of fresher’s and approached us. Together, we devised a strategy of identifying over 500 campuses in 14 cities across the country. Around 30,000 candidates were screened and an assessment was conducted on a single day to recruit over 4,000 candidates. The project helped the corporate hire the desired number of candidates in a single day. Our ability to reach out to large number of campuses, conduct standardized and customised assessments in multiple cities simultaneously has been leveraged by our customers.