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Ajay Trehan
Founder and CEO

Ajay, Founder and CEO, AuthBridge views every problem, however complex, as a possible solution and diligently ensures his team operates with that same premise. A passionate entrepreneur, Ajay optimized his initial years’ experience with Shriram and ICI to hone his skills and ventured into HR related solutions identifying a deep need to address key areas of HR processes. A strong believer in process-driven approach and a stickler for old-world values of punctuality and discipline; Ajay values intelligence and creativity over staid experience or qualifications on paper and this is reflected in the organizational values.

AuthBridge was formed with the belief that Employee Background Screening was an integral segment for the hiring process and a key missing thread in the genetic weave of the emerging market. Ajay has with his innovative solutioning constantly challenged the internal systems and goaded for continual change and effective implementation.

Professional Background Screening: A key hiring process

Interacting with HR fraternity I identified pain areas and worked at finding viable solutions to streamline processes and control costs so Human Resources could acquire the necessary bite to grow their role beyond the transactional. With changing environs and mindset of the workforce and the organisations, HR gets constrained on its execution and deliveries. AuthBridge believes our processes and expertise assist to hire and onboard authentic and compliant workforce. We identified Background Screening as a key post-hiring validation which is either considered a glorified reference verification or is not conducted with professional rigor. Reasons being the process or the eventual outcome is not critical for expense to be incurred or the impact of a compromised process was not seen as a risk.

Our Driving Vision and Differentiator
Our innovations and solutions are designed to address what even the enduser never thought existed or required a solution. Our deep process knowledge and the innate ability to fit our solutions to plug the holes is our differentiator.

The vision driving us is to be our customers’ final choice, ultimately for all our services and solutions.

Our Customers Pan Industry Sectors 

Bad hires vitiates irrespective of industry, geography or hiring volumes; hence our customers range from the highly compliant to Data Privacy, Data Security and Internal security to those conducting checks internally, to those who do not consider screening important due to low hiring numbers.

Creating Customer Value Proposition for Informed Hiring Decisions

With 22-25% overall discrepancy as standard the value of verifying candidates is self- evident. Individuals and some recruiters do encourage fudging or concealing of facts for better fitment to meet the hiring demands. 

At CXO levels, the impact of one being discrepant will be huge hence needs to be addressed differently. Senior-level verifications are conducted with enhanced sensitivity and customized research processes.

Vigilance Weeds out the Bad Hires

Two cases depict how vigilant verification weeds out incorrect hires. One, an existing employee fudged her deceased sister’s documents, to match her fluffed up resume, when the organisation decided to conduct screening of existing employees. There was no screening during her joining hence her subterfuge was not discovered then, but subsequent verification revealed the experience she claimed to have was untrue.

Second, a candidate claimed education qualification on the basis of a stolen degree of his ex-boss and fudged his relieving letter to match the name.

The Future: Technology Driven Verification and Data Analytics

Automation and Analytics to assist speedier decision making will be the key differentiators in the coming days as screening grows into an integral part of the hiring process and the demand for faster turn-around-times and lower costs grow too.

AuthBridge utilizes its deep understanding of the processes to develop solutions which address customer ‘pain’ points and delivers added benefits.