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Mr. Sameer Pimpale
Principal Consultant
Acumen Business Consulting

What challenges are companies facing today? What makes organisations win?

Corporates are fighting a fierce battle; they are struggling either for survival or growth. Each of them ultimately rebel in the market place for differentiation. Companies have identified the growing customer appetite for new technology and products and are thriving to create trust amongst customers through delivery of products and services. But the global economy is moving from a goodsbased economy to a services-based economy. To render this excellence in service, companies require people. Right from carving the company’s dream into strategy, implementing it and delivering it to the end customer, companies require their ‘people’. Companies should now realise that the differentiating factor for companies is their people.

Most successful organizations across the world have been driven and executed by people. Winning organizations are the ones that recognise the importance of investing in people which build the organization. Facebook for example, has no extraordinary assets, barring some buildings and servers. But investors are still investing in Facebook for its ability to innovate, which implies the ability of Facebook’s employees.

Another challenge faced by companies today is the customers’ expectation on responsiveness. They need to respond faster to newer demands of both, internal and external stakeholders of the company. To ensure and increase their competitive advantage, companies need to train and confer decision making power to people at all levels in the organization. Companies realizing this are investing in people, are more responsive and hence preferred by the customers, vendors and employees.

Why are organizations resisting investment in workforce?

When business confidence is low, the first investment that gets ‘axed’ or indefinitely postponed is ‘people initiative’.

Many companies conduct generic training sessions for developing soft skills such as time management, teamwork, etc. They are considered asactivities forming a part of the mandate.
The question here is whether it gives the company its desired outcome? Employees often consider these sessions as a short-break from their tight work schedules. Even HR managers may end up filling scores for the activity to be showcased as investment on talent. The challenge in developing people is to maintain focus and remain committed for the long haul.

Companies refrain from investing in people with the fear that they may leave them, putting money and efforts in vain. Secondly, some organizations have a myopic mindset and focus on direct product yield related investments. Marketing and finance managers see no clear-cut ROI. Though ROI here does not flash in terms of monetary figures, but is generated through a multiple cascading impact on the entire organization, through customer feedback, repeat business, reduced cycle time and slippages, as people work in congruence towards the common goal.

What role does Acumen play in bringing a change in organizations?

Acumen has been helping organizations open their minds and upgrade their operations/processes and handhold them through the transition. 'Mind' and 'mindset' are the most impacting factors and any change has to start from there. Acumen helps organizations bring about people related transformation by setting up their human resources, upgrading skill-sets and managerial bandwidth.

Acumen works on a need analysis framework, performing diagnostic studies to identify the challenges and the need for change in an organization. Accordingly, a robust module is created
for pre, during and post training activities. The learning pyramid by Edgar Dale states that maximum retention of learning takes place when you practice by doing and put learning to immediate use. Thus, we have created a sustenance model based on these thoughts, ensuring that learnings are translated into action. The application of concepts is done through Action Learning Projects. These projects are linked to business impact. The concepts are further reinforced through an online test.

Acumen has a dedicated online portal where projects are uploaded and monitored. We work with HR teams and also create a buddy system amongst coworkers which ensures accountability. The best business impact projects are recognized through rewards and recognitions.