Yooyoo: Ensuring A Perfect Blend Of Classroom And Online Teaching For Preschool Children

The education system is undergoing a huge revolutionary change in order to make education more accessible and effective for millions of preschool children around our country. Many children have benefited from online education platforms, which have provided them with essential course studies and courses in a more convenient way than traditional methods.

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, online education apps have become more of a requirement for developing skills in a safe environment. One such application is YOOYOO, which ensures that the impacts of the pandemic do not hamper the development of young minds. It is designed for youngsters under the age of six years to reach their full learning potential with a blend of classroom and online education.

YOOYOO KIDS, a Bangalore-based company, was founded in 2018. YOOYOO offers a safe and secure learning environment for preschool children through its mobile application with cutting-edge technology, as well as a course curriculum created by experienced educators. YOOYOO is actively involved in designing digital content that not only helps in nurturing creativity but also developes cognitive skills, critical thinking, writing skills, reading skills, problem solving skills, storytelling skills and more. It has also relieved parents' concerns about their children's overall development, as YOOYOO has successfully brought a pre-school to their doorstep to arouse their children's curiosity about learning.

"YOOYOO: My Study Buddy" is a program designed to make your child's learning more fun & engaging. We have enhanced learning with a blend of gaming and fun-filled activities as children have short attention spans. Prepare (With YOOYOO's audio visual assistance, give your child a head start on learning), Practice(Learning games to arouse curiosity and enhance under-standing of concepts),Play(Innovative and insightful activities, such as interactive quizzes, to promote effective learning),Podcast(YOOYOO bedtime stories to boost aural learning and cognitive development), and Paint(Printable Worksheets improve problem-solving skills and increase hand-eye coordination) are the 5Ps of our learning method. Following traditional classroom methodology, we designed the entire curriculum to promote overall development within predefined timelines. We release our courses month by month, with a clear schedule, activities, and timelines, because an in-formation overload can kill the joy of learning. says Ashok Mohanty, Founder of YOOYOO.

YOOYOO also discourages children from watching excessive television or engaging in mindless activities. Instead, they could use their time learning something practical that will help them enhance their minds while also advancing their technological skills. Throughout the content development process, our in-house creative team provides a visually engaging experience with amazing graphics, ensuring that students are never bored while studying."

For children's holistic development, YOOYOO goes above and beyond the chalk and board approach by filling in the gaps where normal class-room teaching falls short in delivering a personalized learning experience. While pre-schools face challenges with large-scale digital transformation during COVID, YOOYOO, with over 10,000 users, has quickly become a favourite application among parents and preschools, says Ashok Mohanty.

For the academic year 2021-22, YOOYOO has successfully implemented a subscription model for all of its users, allowing them ultimate control over their children's learning journey. "Our primary goal is to build our digital footprint in the EdTech space and to support government-sponsored educational initiatives. We are dedicated to bringing online education to every corner of our country. So that every child has the opportunity to receive an education, become an ATMANIRB-HAR, and contribute to our country's development," Ashok Mohanty concludes.