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Sravan Raj Nayan

Sravan Raj Nayan

Heading Business HR. Past: Head of Global Talent / Employer branding at Eka Software
Degrees That Matter:
A genuinely self-certified sales oriented spirit with a smile is required to pursue a career in Hiring and Talent strategy :) Go-getter, Never-say-never attitude, a must to thrive in such dynamic of highly experienced professionals. Any HR Certification / MBA is not mandatory, but good to have.
Other Thoughts:
Not every individual is the same. Each has their own style of work, and in my work experience, I have seen some exemplary folks who make a difference, who are ready for change. Change is good - With the right people and like mindsets, we can foster growth and cohesive ideas to reach common goals.
Professional Strengths:
Drive, Always wanting to do and achieve more, Strong Communication and Interaction Skills with all peer levels etc., but not limited to just those. I suit well under duress and pressure cooker situations superbly, which is Omnipresent in most Product Cos.,. I'm known for highly creative ideas
Growth Strategy:
When I joined as an Individual contributor, I decided on growing as a leader. Thanks to the excellent coaching by my mentor, who is one among the top Business leaders in India today. She had specialized Dev plans for each one of us, and made sure I grew into an inspiring HR professional today.
Family Background
A small family, and I am the only child. My dad was with a Bank, and I should say I had a blessed childhood. Coming from a middle-class setup, it all the more taught me to grow with my parents and their dreams. I grew up with their abundant love. My mother is a home-maker, and she is my best friend.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
That would be so pompous to talk about, especially since each day becomes an accomplishment, and equally instigating. However, one of my initiatives by introducing a Social Networker for Tweets, Polls, Newsletter etc., for the first time in the company's history fetched me several praises.
Working Life Management:
During my breaks, I call family & friends. Spill-over work is inevitable, but nothing like starting the next day a lil early. I meditate, Cook, Invite friends to dine, Indulge in a foot-massage, very regularly. Homescaping and teaching the apartment kids to dance to the recent tunes is super FUN!!
Done Differently:
I don't really want to change anything, honestly. In the offing, there may be a radical career, but why spoil the already well-shaped career I have? I am fortunate my past and current employers have allowed me to be highly ambitious and to expand in areas that best suited my talents. So, No regrets.
Contribution to the field
Work with Eka Software - the Leader in commodity product software. I am single highhandedly looking after the Hiring efforts across departments. I spearhead the PMO dept, and also a member of the Core-CSR team. Besides fun activities, I write company articles and readouts, and a lil bit of branding.
Advice For New Professionals:
If you love your Job, it shall love you back. If you ever mix your emotions with the job or the people you work with, you will only be vulnerable to professional attacks. Remember to thank people who help you, and be ready to learn or change with the ever changing professional environments.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Working with a big company introduced me to varied work cultures, while the smaller exposed me to a beautifully carved egalitarian culture. I've seen both the sides of a coin, but have only learnt stuff. Having said that, it didn't change the person that I am today and continue to gather inspiration
Plans For The Future:
I've started to see things change for me, and I am positive my drive and focus will take me far. I'd like contributing towards extensive leadership work, creating Hiring/Resource strategies for Start-ups and Midsize cos., I want my hands full with more creative work ideas in the years to come by.
Role Model:
Mom. But if I have to think about an inspiration professionally, full credit to 'My Experience' solely. Took mistakes seriously and corrected them soon. Glad to have not picked up on workplace clique, and that sets me apart. So, it's the experience that speaks and inspires me always...
The Journey So Far:
Started with an RPO model as a Designated Program Recruiter at AT and T, and soon made it to the top. Built a small team of 5. It was that confidence that won me that day, and to date. Currently associated with EKA, and take care of the Hiring scene here.
Job Profile:
Taking care of the Talent Hiring efforts at EKA. Working in a Product environment threw up various opportunities outside the Hiring scene aswell. Particular specialism in driving change and fostering a high performance work culture across the employee base included.
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