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Harshal Sharma

Harshal Sharma

HR Executive
Endurance Technologies Pvt Ltd
Recruiting new generation:
Today’s generation is very high ambitious, sometimes it appears that they want to grow in their career but in less time and less efforts, therefore while recruiting candidates attitude and their goals must be seen and analyzed. As hiring costs more than retaining, therefore effective retention strategy must be focusing on career enhancement as well as a good organization culture. Employees don’t leave the jobs because of monetary benefits but because of lack of clarity about their growth.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Organization culture and HR practices is the Key to attract good talent and retain the existing one. People prefer to work with Organizations where opportunities are provided for overall development. For retaining better performers role clarity must be provided with channelized feedback on their performance as performers always take the feedbacks as inputs which helps them as well as management to get them to the next level. Mentoring session should be conducted where both better and advanced performers can get inputs and do their best while delivering the projects assigned.
Pain Points:
Today in HR very few of new professional are willing to work on grass route level. New professionals sometimes forget that, even if you want to be on the Top you have to start from bottom only.
Leadership Programs in Place:
There are level wise leadership programs designed to cater the need and pattern of leadership. While designing the Leadership Development Programs we provide focus on both white collar and blue collar employees. Developing leaders from inside is like developing asset which have more value than hiring the person with leadership qualities from out side.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
I would like to pass on the same which once I received from our VP – HR of Endurance Group Mr. Ram Marlapalle to all my fellow HR Leaders “While dealing with situation one should use head and while dealing with humans one should use hearth” In the field of HR every day is new and every problem is new. There are no identical people / situations / problems, therefore while facing the people / situation / problem one should not take things granted.HR is the best example of right blend of Heart and Head.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Identifying leadership qualities is easy than identifying leaders. “When ability of a person is supportive by appropriate actions then it gives the desired results”. Employees who come forward not only for taking the lead but also for taking responsibility and accountability on their own with desired results, they are leaders in real sense. For promoting them to next level, opportunities are provided with specific skill enhancement programs. This encourages them to lead more effectively and efficiently.
HR Challenges:
Availability and retention of right blend of talent and attitude. Today retail sector in India is in booming stage and people are keen to work in retail sector which leads to non availability of appropriate labour for manufacturing sector. HR deals in uncertainties of business which can be very well covered in business strategy making process but HR also have to deal with natural uncertainties which can not be covered or planned. This is also one of the challenge for HR.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
Today the world of multi skilling therefore we look the qualities like self starter, goal clarity, learning attitude and out of box thinker with good interpersonal skills.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
Today’s HR is not only restricted to regular HR and admin activities, it has more visibility in the Organization as well as participation in business decision making and business strategy forming process. Therefore there is a close relationship between HR Department and top management. As managing Human Asset is the key concern of today business world.
Helping to develop the country
For making a better tomorrow we need to work hard. India is known as a Country of young people, almost 65% Indian are in young age. Therefore if we mold and utilize the young talent effectively it will directly help for overall development of our country. As unutilized talent is more harmful than non availability of talent. Mentoring to the students / young generation (even for small group) for better understanding about practical realities of the business world will also been help them to choose the right career for them.
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