Brainwonders - The Best Career Counselling Centre - Now In Bengaluru!

Brainwonders - The Best Career Counselling Centre - Now In Bengaluru!

Brainwonders - The Largest Career Counselling Centre in India now lays its foot in the city of Bengaluru. The Tech Capital of India will now be able to benefit from Best DMIT & Psychometric test by Brainwonders. Anyone would be familiar with the ‘IT’ melting pot of India- Bengaluru! Being a megapolis known for having most Nobel Prize nominees in India, Bengaluru is a happening city geared towards knowledge, technology and innovation. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Brainwonders- The Largest Assessment and Counselling Organisation chose Bengaluru as its Regional Centre.

As an educational hotspot with probably the most number of technical colleges thriving in its core- Bengaluru has always taken career and economic growth of the country seriously. Brainwonders is here to maintain the same seriousness- but that does not have to be a stressful process.

In order to cater to the increasing demand for quality career guidance, Brainwonders has now installed its roots in Bengaluru. Having their association with 320+ schools and corporates, and organisations like ECA (Early Childhood Association), MISA (Member of International Schools Association) and AHAISI (Association of Heads of Anglo-India Schools of India), Mr Manish Naidu (CEO & Founder, Brainwonders) and Mr Nanda Kumar (Regional Head, Brainwonders) will execute their vision of taking career profile of Bengaluru ahead.

The city is one of the most populous in India and thus naturally has several households with toddlers, children and teenagers where parents are determined to give the best future to their wards and hence, seek personal and career counselling:

  1. Building a Great Profile: In order to secure a great job profile, the prep starts early. Whether it is the subject selection or managing your extra-curricular activities to add to the resume- Brainwonders looks into the same to harness the students’ time and energy effectively.
  2. SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats- sounds familiar? Brainwonders has an expert team of Child, Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and Career Counsellors whose mission is to explore, understand and positively reinforce the SWOT profile to every individual- making them familiar with their true potential.
  3. Goals and Paths: Just knowing what one can be would not be enough unless one actually realises it. The whole process is keenly focussed on setting realistic but lucrative targets and systematically with results that make all the hard work worth it. The best career counselling centre in bangalore is ready to take care of this.
  4. Support Building: If the parent, child and educators are in harmony regarding the student’s career aspirations, the whole process becomes a motivating experience. The student finds comfort right in the environment- and the mentors thus guide the child without any tussle. Thus, Brainwonders Multiple Intelligence analysis addresses the whole ecosystem needed for the same
  5. Soft Skills Simplified: One can earn in any way- but that is not what makes it sustainable. It attributes like leadership, sociability, determination, creative problem solving and compassion is what separates one from the crowd and gives them the edge to proceed. Brainwonders, now a career counselling near you is ready to make you the best in what you go ahead in!

Thus, in today’s world with many options of professional opportunities and simultaneous ignorance about the same- Brainwonders with its array of U.S. Patented DMIT test, Psychometric assessments like Personality test, Aptitude test, Interest test and an IQ test is a weapon sharpened by a counselling team with 4 National Awards and 108 global centres to its name. 

In fact, Brainwonders tests are widely sought by adults, parents and working professionals themselves too. They come for working through stress, work-life balance, improving relational dynamics, job satisfaction, starting own ventures and for overall personal and occupational growth.

Thus, from choosing the right education board to stream selection, from opting for a career and course to securing successful growth in the same- Brainwonders Bengaluru is the ultimate choice for all Bangaloreans. Many have already registered themselves for a Grand Opening on 19th September 2019 at B-02, Prestige Centre Point-07, Edward Road, Bengaluru-52.

The advantages of career counselling is limitless and a reputed Counselling and Guidance centre is need of the hour. Like always, Brainwonders has its latest Regional Centre here and is ready to revolutionise the Education and Occupational facet at Bangalore!

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