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Mahesh Sheshadri

Mahesh Sheshadri

Management Consultant and Coach
Metis ERC (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Ensuring Growth
As a Coach, I have always shared this with my friends. I call this “The Art of Benchmarking yourself” for Personal and Professional Growth. The Steps are these: 1. Assess yourself. 2. Begin by writing down your strengths and Competencies. 3. Ask yourself – What you really want, what makes your truly happy and feel satisfied. 4. Once you know what you want… Create a Picture of this Person you want to be. 5. Once you have made this Picture… Write down what competencies you need to further Develop to realize this Picture of You. 6. You could do the above Steps either by yourself or with your mentor or with your closest friends (Friends who know you really well… and are mature enough to help you identify your Core) 7. Work on these Competencies for the next 6 Months. 8. Re-Assess yourself at the end of 6 Months. 9. If you have shown improvements in your identified Development Areas… You are on track for Success. 10. Follow the above Benchmarking Cycle every 6 Months, for as long as you live your Wonderful Life. Remember – “Success is a Journey Mate”!
Current Job description
I am currently working with Metis India Pvt. Ltd. as a Corporate Coach and Management Consultant in Organizational Strategy and Functional HR. Metis India Pvt. Ltd is a holistic Human Resource Management Consulting Firm that offers end-to-end strategic consulting to address diverse HR challenges. Metis is a division of R&M Associates who over the last 4 Decades have built their reputation by achieving excellence in human resources management and development consulting.
My advice
I would rather call this my thoughts based on my exposure with my peers in the Industry. These thoughts are for not just people aspiring to be Leaders; it is for Every Working Professional in the World today. Do understand that Success is not determined by what you are called in a Certain Organization or by the Money in your wallet; you are truly successful as a Person and Professional when you balance the following integrated aspects of Life and Career: 1. You are caring and responsible at Home and among your Friends. 2. You live by practicing Good Values for the betterment of your Organization, Society & Country. 3. You share your knowledge, wealth and happiness to people around you. 4. You are passionate at what you do as a Profession and you enjoy it… every moment of your day. 5. You love yourself for your Great Health, Contagiously Positive Habits and Hobbies. Work consistently on the above Areas and you will be all of these -An Inspiring Leader, a Highly Proficient Manager and a Person leading a Wonderful Life. It’s as simple as that!
Important career decisions
I have made My Most Important Career Decisions at the right times based on the right needs that I had at the respective stages in my career. I stepped into my Career Path after my Computer Science Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore with Clear Goals of being a Project Manager in 5 Years of Working Experience. This was my First Big Career Decision. I knew that to be a competent Project Manager, I had to develop into a Professional, who represents Ownership, Sound Technical Abilities, and Strong Customer Centricity and the Zeal for doing things outside the Normal Scope of Job Definition. I made decisions that involved risks and many sacrifices with long term positive results in the perspective. These decisions made me achieve what I wanted…. Those 5 Years were dramatic and memorable. Once I reached my First Goal of a Project Manager, I realized I had compromised on the People Management Areas. This was my first big challenge and perhaps a Life transformational one too… I took a strong decision to overcome some of the improvement Areas and went through a Personality Change to develop these traits in me… The result was the most beautiful thing to have happen to me and for the Team. I realized the Power of Nice and Simplicity in this process. The Combination of these Behavioral Traits and My Functional Skills made me not just more effective as a Manager but as a Leader of People. I was now A Leader who was inspiring people. It was around this time that I decided to move on and explore a World outside my comfort zone and Culture. I moved to an Organization with a completely different Organizational Design and Different Set of Responsibilities. The decision to move away from my comfort zone made me test unknown waters and in the course of time made my profile a Very Versatile one. I was now a Manager who was not just good at managing Projects, I was now a Mentor and Coach for People; A Knowledge Management Champion; A Trainer with Innovative approaches for learning; A Professional who had an eye and skill to select, recruit and develop the Right Talent and An Innovator of Best Practices in Project Management Methodologies. I would never have gained this Versatility had I continued to pursue inside my Comfort Zone. In the Course of My Professional Exposure, I invested time in an Executive Business Management Program from IIM Calcutta. I loved studying Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior; My Passion for People Development and Education made me take a Bold Decision to let go of Project Management and to pursue a Career in People Development in Organizations & Training and Development for the Learning Community. I underwent this Career Transition… A Period that tested my perseverance and my motivational aspect… It was my passion and my Foundation framework that made me succeed in this transition. Today, I do not work… I love what I do… I love being part of a Profession that will make me realize my Vision.
Leadership qualities
Leadership Skills are part of Your Competency… and they come to the fore in the form of Behavioral Traits which is The True Side of Professionals. This is The Part of the Iceberg which is under the Water Line. The following are some of the Key Skills that make a Leader admirable… Integrity, Leading through Vision, Business Acumen, Organizational Savvy, People Focused Skills like Empathy and Being Nice, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Value System, Willingness to Learn and Adaptability during Transitions. I have been privileged to work with some Wonderful Leaders in my tenure in the Corporate World. Each one of them has inspired me for some unique skill that they possessed. These Skills were either intrinsic gifts or Skills that were developed over a period of time. There are Visionary Leaders... They have inspired Generations with their Visions… We have witnessed these Leaders in the Corporate World and in Our Daily Life too… These Leaders have inspired their followers to Live their Vision by clearly outlining the relevance of the Vision through the Collaborative Missions and instruments to achieve them through Strong Value Systems. I have seen Leaders who inspired Teams with their Willingness to Learn something new every day… It’s not just learning but deploying the newly learnt Knowledge. There are Leaders who are simply marvelous at Adapting to Transitions … Transitions are occurring all the time in terms of Innovations in Industry, Cultural Changeovers and Organizational Changes. A Very Common Skill that most Leaders have possessed is that they have all known their Core Competencies… They have worked extensively in identifying these Core Competencies and making these Competencies touch highly proficient Levels. I really admire Leaders who believe in the Power of Nice… in the Power of Simplicity…The Power of engaging their People with Trust, Empathy and Openness. It is important to know that “Leadership is a way of Living”. You cannot be a Leader at Work and depict a different flavor of you elsewhere. The Most Successful Leaders are consistent in their thoughts at all situations, translating them to behavior in Business and Real Life Situations. Real Leaders shine … They Set Example at every moment through their Values. It is these Values that influence their thoughts and Decisions.
Handling Grievances
Employee Engagement is an Area which is close to my heart. I have always regarded that a Leader must possess Top Notch People Management Skills as it is these skills that can build a workforce that everyone dreams of. Employees are the Key Assets of an Organization. As a Leader, it is very important to empathize with your employee and to engage effectively to ensure the Success of the Organization and its People. The Workplace is the Second Home to any employee and during the journey of an Employee’s association with an Organization, there will be moments of ups and downs… moments of joy and unhappiness. An Employee’s Grievance may or may not be expressed clearly based on the Employee, the circumstance and the Organizational Culture, however it is the responsibility of the Leader to listen and study the grievance. The Leader has to identify its root cause to ensure that the grievance is solved in the most amicable manner for the Employee in line with the Goals of the Organization. The Framework towards making the most appropriate judgment in these scenarios shall be the Value System of the Organization and the Engagement Level of the Leader with the Employee. Do remember this Simple Quote “People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did… But they will never forget how you made them feel”. Do take care of this every time you engage with an employee. Empathy is the Key.
Managing personal and professional life
I have great belief in My Passion and My Foundation… The Synergy of these has kept me on the right path. I am a very passionate person… Whatever I do, I do it with passion… I listen to my Heart… I do what it says. My Passionate outlook to life is complimented with my optimistic attitude. This Optimism comes to me because of my belief in the strength of My Foundation. The Framework of this Foundation is made up of My Family who have taught me the Meaning of Life, My Clear Values that keep me on the right path, My Dear Friends who are the reason for my Passions, My Great Mentors who have given me the right direction at different stages of my Career and My Books and Movies that keep me intellectual.
Influenced by
Whatever I am today is because of My Parents, My Mentors, My Friends, My Favorite Books and Some Great Movies. My Parents taught me the Definition of Life. I know what Love is and what really happiness is. My Mentors humbled me with their Radiance and Simplicity. My Friends have been reflections of My Life in the course of time, and I have continued to evolve being with them, listening to them and loving them for what they are. Books and Movies have been companions to me for a long time now. Books have built my intellect… They still continue to… and I have made it a point that the books I read give me all dimensions of knowhow in terms of Fun, Facts, Beliefs, Innovation, Industry, Theories and Practices. I read at least One New Book every month. Movies give me fresh perspectives to the Wonders of Life, People, Cultures, and Creativity… I don’t watch movies… I study them. On an average I experience 2-3 Movies a Week.
My views on India Technical development
The problem majorly lies with our Values and the Reason for this Problem lies with Our Families and Our Education System. As Indians, I don’t think any of us can answer this Question easily… What are your Values? The reason is simple… We have not been taught… neither by Our Families nor by Our Education System. Our Families do build into us over a period of time the importance of Family, Religion, Caste and Need for Employment… which happen to be our most valued aspects. And this is what we probably might teach Our Youth too. I don’t think we can move to an Advance Nation Status - An India which is Unique and Self Reliant unless we go through a transition. India can be a really Great Country if we build Values that are relevant for the Country in the course of time… Values such as Integrity, Respect for Elders, Innovation, Importance of Time, Need for Identity, Importance of Good Health and Importance of Indian Culture and Beautiful Traditions. Our Education System does not promote or motivate Innovation and Creative Thinkers. The Education System needs to undergo a changeover to breed and create a New Generation who will think creatively and make Innovations a part of their Daily Life. The Responsibility for this Change lies with us. We need to be actively involved in ensuring that we put this kind of a Continuously Improved System of Education in place for India. An Education System that is relevant to the Country’s Needs, that Coaches Children with Current Knowledge and Strong Values. Innovation, Importance of Identity and Importance of Time should be some of the Key Values to be Coached in this New Education System. Once we have these Values in place… We will be a Country which is Innovative, Self-Reliant and a Great Example for the World.
Family background
I come from a very simple Indian Family. My Sister Nanditha and I have been blessed with really Wonderful Parents. Nanditha is working in TCS as a Software Professional. She is very caring and has been my friend; My First Friend in fact. She is a very strong and independent girl. All my life, I have admired My Dad, an ex-DRDO Engineer, for his hardworking nature and his amazing friendly nature. He is loved by his Friends and respected by peers. I idolize him for his warm nature. I love my Mom, a Retired Nurse, for her independence, mental strength and sacrifices. She is a Great Woman and in fact the reason for the Biggest Decisions in Our Family. My Dad and Mom taught me what Love is… I learnt the definition of Life from them… “Life is very simple… All you need is Love and Happiness… and when you really look around, it’s all near you… Express it… Share it”. I am married to Sandhya. She is a Software Professional at Allscripts. Sandhya and I were colleagues and we fell in love in the course of time. I believe we have been blessed to live together. She is a Great Friend, my strength in my toughest times, and a wonderful companion.
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